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user researcher

center for an informed public, UW

January 2021 - March 2021


operations & volunteer coordinator

uw food pantry

January 2020 - March 2021




audience engagement


studio to be podcasting studio

January - March 2020

Music director



101.5 Whistler FM


Research and development baker

nita lake lodge


  • Conducted qualitative interviews with users of The Trust Project website, and quantitatively analyzed a Facebook Ads campaign that aimed to educate users on disinformation and increase trust in news outlets.

  • Published a research-based report recommending UX Design improvements that would improve user flow through the website and messaging content that would increase impact of future Facebook Ads campaigns.

  • Wrote operations manual and training video that streamlined on-boarding experience for 120+ annual volunteers.

  • Produced marketing video; used in presentations and on the pantry’s website for the 750+ annual page visitors.

  • Created social media content strategy, increased consistency of social posting by 80%, increased awareness of pantry by 20%; created internal and external communications template emails for consistent voice and tone.

  • Adjusted operations to comply with Covid-19 regulations; designed online order form that handles 150+ weekly orders; reduced shopping time by 65%; improved visitors’ safety and service satisfaction.

  • Conducted qualitative and quantitative interviews with podcast creators, NPR, independent radio stations, and podcast listeners to compare listening figures, subscriptions, social media interactions, and financial support.

  • Wrote research-based report recommending strategies to increase audience engagement by using listener generated content, creating incentives, and cultivating community through live events and social media.

  • Produced, wrote, edited, hosted 200+ live morning shows; wrote 600+ radio imaging scripts.

  • Produced 7 new programs and features that had a second life as online shareable content on social platforms.

  • Curated metadata tags to a music library of 12,000+ songs to improve efficacy of automated programming clock and the flow of music played; increased number of Canadian songs played from 40% to 55%.

  • Conducted quantitative survey with listeners; received a 90% approval rating.

  • Wrote recipes, training manual, and profit and loss sheets

  • Developed 15 new products, wrote copy for marketing and increased bread sales by 70% and overall pastry sales by 15%

  • Trained 4 new staff

  • Responsible for bread production and morning bake off of up to 250 items


master in communication

the university of washington

September 2019 - March 2021

Ba in publishing

oxford brookes university


  • Consulted with The Taskar Center at The UW on their copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, and social media strategy; focused on raising $250k in funds and raising awareness of their adaptive technology work.

  • Wrote style guide and content marketing strategy for a co-operative to increase membership revenue by 15%.

  • Case study: Analyzed big data algorithms and human curation choices in Spotify playlists to see how they influenced listeners’ music preferences; found patterns that suggested bias towards Western countries, beta tested adjustments that increased diversity of countries featured in their Global Top 50 playlist by 60%.

  • Founded a print and web magazine to serve new students

  • Writer at music and community magazines

  • Thesis topic: “What is it that makes Britney such a successful magazine commodity and an important public figure?”



programming languages


  • Adobe Audition

  • Facebook Ads

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Suite

  • Microsoft Office

  • Music Master

  • Tableau

  • Wide Orbit

  • R

  • p5.js

  • Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hours

  • Level 2 CSIA Ski Instructor





Global mindset

Ski instructor, yoga teacher, bread baker, radio host, manager, writer. These are some of the varied jobs I've had, adapting and learning different methods of communication to effectively lead a team.

As a bread baker I managed the schedule of 1000 loaves of bread, as an operations coordinator I managed a team of 60+ and multiple projects with varying timelines and as a user researcher I managed a project with multiple stakeholders.

Having lived in multiple countries I realize that even if we share  a common language, miscommunication can occur. I strive to use inclusive and welcoming methods of communication and consider cultures when developing products and connection.

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