Global mindset

Ski instructor, yoga teacher, bread baker, radio host, manager, writer. These are some of the varied jobs I've had, adapting and learning different methods of communication to effectively lead a team.

As a bread baker every day required adapting to varied multiple time schedules for up to 1000 loaves of bread. I can prioritise, multi task and create structure as a leader and team player.

Having lived in multiple countries I realise even if we share  a common language miscommunication can occur. I strive to use inclusive and welcoming methods of communication and consider cultures when developing products and connection.



uw food pantry

2020 - present



studio to be podcasting studio

January - March 2020

Music director



101.5 Whistler FM


Research and development baker

nita lake lodge


  • Content strategy for social media, internal and external communications

  • Wrote training and operations manual

  • Wrote, produced, directed training and marketing videos

  • Scheduled and managed 120+ volunteers

  • Designed in store shopping experience for 240+ weekly visitors

  • Designed online order system to comply with COVID-19 health regulations

  • Researched the question, “How do creators of intangible audio forge concrete communities?”

  • Conducted qualitative interviews with KEXP, KUOW, WRLT radio stations and Sofar Sounds the live event promoter, and a quantitive survey with podcast listeners

  • Recommended methods and philosophy of how to approach building community​

  • Produced, edited, hosted over 200 live morning shows

  • Curated and applied metadata tags to a music library of over 11,000 songs. Wrote 24 hour clock and created hours unique to specific days, national holidays and seasons.

  • User research, surveys and data analytics

  • Wrote style guide and content strategy for imaging, programming, and marketing

  • Responsible for social media and other online platforms

  • Wrote recipes, training manual, and profit and loss sheets

  • Developed 15 new products, wrote copy for marketing and increased bread sales by 70% and overall pastry sales by 15%

  • Trained 4 new staff

  • Responsible for bread production and morning bake off of up to 250 items


master in communication

the university of washington

Sept 2019 - March 2021

Ba in publishing

oxford brookes university


  • Recommended UX design improvements based on ethical psychological processes for companies including Amazon, Apple Podcasts, Bandcamp, Dell, Spotify, NPR, Patreon, Ticketmaster, WFUV

  • Wrote style guide, and proposed themes and topics for a local co-operative funeral home

  • Conducted usability studies, user interviews, A/B testing, surveys

  • Researched big data algorithms and made suggestions based on diversity and equity initiatives

  • Applied a cultural context lens to organisational and leadership culture.

  • Presented data-orientated persuasive stories.

  • Used programming languages to animate images and analyse statistics

  • Presented copywriting strategy to raise $250k for an accessible tech educational organisation. 

  • Founded a print and web magazine to serve new students

  • Writer at music and community magazines

  • Thesis topic: “What is it that makes Britney such a successful magazine commodity and an important public figure?”




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