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Radio and podcasting

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The Moth PodcastHear Me Roar Alexandra Rochester
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The Moth Podcast | Featured Storyteller
I have competed and won at several live storytelling events hosted by The Moth, an organisation with a podcast that is downloaded over one million times a month. I was featured on the podcast for international women's day. The theme of the night was education and I told a story about my time as a ski instructor responsible for eight seven-year-old girls and my distinct method for empowering them to be better skiers.
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Trailer EpisodeThis Is Tour Life
00:00 / 01:31
This Is Tour Life Podcast | Producer, Host
I developed a pitch, episode plan and trailer episode for a series that aims to turn the spotlight from the creative lives on musicians onto the touring lives and what the financial and emotional costs of relying on a precarious lifestyle are like for musicians. This is a passion project and a work in progress for me.
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Creative Content101.5 Whistler FM
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101.5 Whistler FM | Creative Content Writer
I wrote radio imaging that referenced the music we played and spoke to the knowledge of the 12,000 fiercely proud permanent residents of Whistler BC but was also welcoming to the 3 million tourists that visit the #1 ski resort in North America.
101.5 Whistler FM | Music Director
I reorganized the library catalog system, rewrote the clocks for the day, week and year and created a style guide for what sounded like music that belonged on Whistler FM, striking a balance between our mandated 40% Canadian content, our triple A radio format, and our audience's love of funk and soul.


Whistler FM serves as a unique breath of fresh air. I'm consistently impressed with the wide range of music the station plays, whether it be a five-minute post-rock anthem from Explosions in the Sky, a reflective, mellow track from Andy Shauf or The Shins, or any number of up-and-coming Canadian acts. In our age of consolidation and audience-tested everything, Whistler FM has the authentic sound and feel of a college radio station. It's as if it was built in the '70s by a group of ski-bum, music nerds—and they never left.


Joel Barden Pique Newsmagazine, Whistler BC

101.5 Whistler FM | UX Design Graduate Work

As part of my Master in Communication degree at The University of Washington I was tasked with redesigning a real world website. The Whistler FM website has not been updated since 2013 so I used that as my subject. I took the blue, black and white of the logo which also represents the winter wonderland that Whistler is known for and used that as my colour palette. I created a consistent format for pages, reduced content to the strongest offerings of Whistler FM, focused on the people and guests invited into the studio and minimised clutter on photos to create a clean aesthetic much like a fresh ski run.

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